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Do you want to reach a certain popularity, appeal to a wider audience, and grow with your Youtube videos? They did it, so you also can too. You just need a little help to speed things up. We, as Youtube Market, are right here with our custom Youtube Comments services! Request, pay, and receive organic and natural-looking comments on your video that will only be sent from real Youtube user accounts. Your stats will be greatly enhanced!

Take Your Statistics to the Top with Youtube Comment Services!

One of the most valuable things for the Youtube algorithm is the comments, which require a special time of the user and are one of the important conversion indicators. Comments under your video that contain real custom sentences you create instead of standard emojis will mean that your video statistics will increase in a short time, your video will start to be featured and organically gain new viewers.

Yes, you guessed it right:A video with a lot of comments and high engagement is much more likely to enter the Trending list or appear on the side list when users are watching different videos.

So we don't just sell you a comment service on Youtube, we also provide you with good statistics to rewrite Youtube rules and contribute to your popularity process. Today, when social media has become one of the most important platforms for making money, what could be more valuable than this?

Buy Custom Youtube Comments – Get The Full Control Over Your Video's Interactions

When you buy comments for a video, what features do you want them to have? Everything needs to look very organic so that both other real users and the YouTube algorithm don't know you're "buying comments". Only the leading agencies in the sector can do this.

As Youtube Market, we do exactly that.

Determine which country you are requesting Youtube comments from users

The language of the video you are sharing or the country you are addressing, the comments that should come under your video must also be in that language. Buy real Youtube comments from us now that will meet your demands both in terms of location and language. In this case, you will not see a strange Chinese comment under an English video that is clearly spam. Everything is as it should be.

Determine how many Youtube comments you request

How many comments do you need? You can buy any number of comments with realistic custom texts you will send us for your Youtube video from our panel with a few clicks. In general, comment delivery is completed within 12 hours, although time varies in very high numbers. Having so many comments, especially shortly after posting your video, will make it more likely for YouTube to think, "There's something useful here."

Share your video with us

Share with us which video you want comments under. No need to share a username or password. You just need to send us a link and the comments you want to see. Our professional team will take care of the rest.

How To Buy Youtube Comments?

Why Us for Purchasing Real-User Youtube Comments?

As Youtube Market, we have been working with the experience of being in this sector for years and doing excellent work. If you want to buy commenting services for your Youtube videos with confidence and make sure that the service you receive will not pose a problem for the prestige of your account, you are definitely in the right place.

Folks, there has to be a way to get this done without anyone noticing. Let us tell you this way:Youtube Market!

We Offer One Hundred Percent Privacy

Nobody needs to know that you bought Youtube comments for the popularity of your account, right? You know, news like this goes viral instantly and ends up with a false reputation. There is no need for these annoying situations. We offer you one hundred percent confidentiality and guarantee that none of the information such as your name, surname, Youtube channel will be shared with anyone. This means:Everything will stay between the two of us!

We carry out all our transactions within the scope of the Confidentiality Agreement and provide your assurance. We ensure that no one is aware of any of our comments, followers, likes, and viewer services. Maintaining your popularity and strengthening your prestige is something we care about too!

We Offer Security in Payment Methods

It was important for us to offer you the option to pay with a few clicks on our website. But there is one more thing that is important:Your payment information is completely safe.

We use the following to ensure your security on our website:

  • SSL Security Certificate:You will benefit from 256-bit encryption when purchasing our services. This means that your payment information cannot be recorded, viewed, or copied. We strive for the highest level of security and privacy.
  • 3D Security:We care about knowing that everything is in order when making a payment. We use 3D Security for this. Everything we do is to keep you safer.

Custom Youtube Comments Service - Buy Comments on Your Videos

Unlike services such as likes, watch time, the Buy Youtube Comment service requires a specific context and content. This content must be related to the video it is shared with. To ensure this and help you truly stand out on Youtube, we work as follows:

While publishing your comments, custom work is done. Did you share a makeup video? Comments will also contain nuances specific to this area and related to your video. Is it a car video or a game video? Comments will be completely customized according to the theme. How Does? Here's how:You prepare the comments you want to buy and send them to us. You can get help from a content marketing team for this. Whatever you want, we will be sharing that comment at the right time with our real user accounts that look organic!

This ensures that both Youtube and other real visitors do not understand that you have purchased reviews.

By the way, the most important reason why we can do such customization is to definitely not use YouTube comment bots. If we were posting with a bot, your video would be busy with lots of comments from accounts with strange names, unrelated to your video, with no profile picture. But no, we never do that. We only use real user accounts and provide quality delivery.

How to Buy Custom Youtube Comments?

Do you want to buy comments under your video with the privilege of Youtube Market? OK, we can do this.

  • First, share your video.
  • Then do a content marketing exercise about the comments you want to get to your video. For this, you can get support from an SEO team or a content marketing agency.
  • After your process is completed, enter our panel. Determine the number of comments you want by pasting the video link on Youtube Market and copy the comments you want one by one to the panel. Proceed to the payment page and make your payment.
  • The comments you specify will be sent under your video through the most real users. Easy and fast.

Frequently Asked Questions For Youtube Comments

When Will My Youtube Comment Order Start?

The Youtube comment service you will purchase on our website is processed automatically. There will be an increase in the number of comments between 10 minutes and 24 hours. Make sure the video link is correct, otherwise your order may not be processed.

Example Link

When Will My Youtube Comment Order Be Completed?

Youtube comment orders are completed within 24 hours on average. This time may vary depending on the quantity you will purchase.

Are Youtube Commens Permanent?

Youtube comment service is a service made up of real users. For this reason, our service is permanent. For contingencies, a 30-day refill/compensation guarantee is provided, covering drops above 20%.

Is Youtube Comment Service Real?

Youtube comment transactions that you will buy on Youtube Market are sent by real users. Since the service provided will be done by real people, it will increase your interaction and support your channel and videos.

Can I Choose Which Country The Comments Come From?

Yes, you can. After selecting a package, click the “Buy” button. You can select the country you want by clicking the “Country” button on the screen that will open.

youtube market comment option

How Many Comments Can I Buy?

The highest package on our website is 1000 comments, and it is possible to use the same service again after this order is completed.

Is Youtube Comment Service Guaranteed?

Yes, our Youtube comment service is guaranteed compensation. Although our service is permanent, we offer a 30-day refill/compensation guarantee for reductions above 20% for possible stops.

What Are The Issues To Be Considered Before Buying Youtube Comments?

You should definitely check the video settings before purchasing Youtube comments. Settings to be checked;

  • "Allow embedding" option should be checked,
  • The video must not be private or unlisted,
  • Video's comments should not be private.
What Is The Benefit Of The Youtube Comment Service?

User comments, which we can call one of the most important interaction methods on Youtube, are given great importance by the Youtube algorithm. It is known that videos with a high number of comments, in which users gain interaction by commenting, are more recommended to new users, and the rate of falling into trending videos is much higher.

For this reason, it is extremely important to have a high number of comments on your videos on Youtube. With the Buy Youtube comments service we have prepared for you as the Youtube Market team, it's time to rise by increasing the comments on your videos!

When Should I Buy A Comment?

The first 24-48 hours after your video is published is very important. We recommend using this service as soon as the video is published. If the number of views, likes and comments increases immediately after the video is published, the rate of interaction may increase accordingly.

Why Should I Buy Youtube Comments?

On a highly competitive platform like Youtube with billions of users, we can say that it is very difficult to reach people by highlighting your posts. Youtube considers the interaction rate of the published video when promoting videos, recommending them to new users or adding them to trending videos.

Comments on the video are the most important interaction. Therefore, if you think that your video does not have enough comments, you can allow your videos to rise by purchasing comments.

Do You Have A Profile Picture Of The Accounts That Leave Comments?

Yes, the profile pictures of the accounts that will write comments are available and will appear as real accounts.

Are The Accounts That Post Comments +18 Accounts?

No, comments will not be written by +18 accounts.

Is There A Video On The Channel Of The Accounts That Post Comments?

Yes, there will be videos on the profile picture and channels of the accounts that will post comments. This shows that the accounts are real.

I'm Getting An Error When Purchasing Comments. What Can I Do?

If you are getting an error while purchasing comments, you should pay attention to;

  • The biggest reason you get an error; You are writing comments in the same line.
  • Each comment must be in one line. After writing 1 comment, you must press the "Enter" key to move to the next line.
  • Be careful not to leave any spaces between comments.
I Don't Want To Write A Comment. Is There A Random Comment Service?

Unfortunately, you have to write all the reviews you want to buy one by one yourself. We do not have a random comment service.

Can I Choose The Comments Myself?

It is a disadvantage for the video that the comments you purchased for your Youtube video are independent of the video and are disconnected. As the Youtube Market team, we have a fully customizable comment option in the Youtube comment increasing service. In this way, you can prevent the incoming comments from being independent of the video by writing the comments you want to be in your video yourself.

What Are The Steps To Buy Youtube Comments?

In order to buy comments on Youtube Market, you need to select the amount you will buy from the page you are on, fill in the necessary billing information, copy the video link from which you will buy comments and paste it in the relevant section. Then, you can easily complete the purchase process by typing the comments you want to send to your video.

My Comment Order Is İncomplete. What Should I Do?

If you think your comment orders are missing, it will be sufficient to contact our customer representatives. Our customer representatives will help you to complete the order by detecting missing comments.


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It works very fast!

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It was completed very quickly.

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